Gautam Buddha Quotes

Gautam Buddha Quotes

Gautam The Buddha is one of the most important enlightened being who has walked on this earth. One of the greatest contribution of Buddha to seekers was vipassana meditation technique. More people have become enlightened through vipassana meditation than by any other method.

Buddha taught the path of witnessing the thoughts and actions. Being aware of one's speech, actions and thoughts was one of the fundamental teaching of Osho. Meditation is all about staying in the present moment and be aware and conscious. In meditation we become witness to our thoughts and feelings. Witnessing is an transforming force and it transforms the energy into its highest possible state. Key thing is to be aware of our negative desires and thoughts. The miracle of witnessing is that, If we are aware of our thoughts then the thoughts disappear and pure nothingness is left.

According to Buddha, the cause of our misery is our identification with the mind. As long as we are living in mind, then desires will continue and each desire leads to misery. Desire is the root cause of misery. So buddha taught the path of witnessing the desires and thus going beyond the mind.

Here are some of the quotes of Buddha which will be helpful to a seeker on the path.

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